Louis Charron

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Paris, France

I’m a designer specialized in science communication.

I help scientists, research labs and companies to communicate complex ideas to wide audiences through storytelling and design.

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Making sense of complexity

Stories are the most powerful and humane delivery tool for information.

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Crafting memorable experiences

Storytelling transforms complex ideas into meaningful stories. Design turns stories into memorable experiences.

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Engaging new

Design and storytelling create innovative new ways to engage people with complex ideas.

Good Vibrations
How to turn a research paper about bridge monitoring sensors into a story we can all relate to?

My process combines storytelling and design to turn complex research into accessible stories and memorable experiences.


Finding out why it matters

Because facts are not enough

Turning information into meaning

Hacking brains with storytelling

Inventing new ways of telling stories

Innovative science communication

Engaging audiences & empowering researchers

Emotional connection is the goal

Each story deserves a dedicated experience. They range from video to interactive website, from immersive space to podcast — or anything else that helps tell the story. Experiences are designed from the content, to serve the narrative.

Consortium for Interacting Minds
How to make the science behind human interaction accessible?

Since 2016, I am helping scientists, research labs, and companies through storytelling and design. See my work here.

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Do you need help communicating complex research to wide audiences? I would love to hear from you!

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